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Deep hydration treatments

Good hydration goes beyond the superficial epidermis and also affects the deeper skin layers. HYdraX4, thanks to the combination of 4 exclusive active complexes, acts simultaneously on 4 levels of the epidermis, guaranteeing real, deep and persistent hydration.


  • The first active complex (Hyalurene) strengthens the hydrolipidic film, absorbing atmospheric moisture and fixing it on the skin’s surface;
  • The second active complex (ceramide bio-complex) rebuilds the intercorneocyte lipid matrix, which prevents excessive water loss to the outside;
  • The third active complex (Inositol glycine) increases trans-membrane proteins, preventing aggression by external irritants or harmful substances;
  • The fourth active complex (Aquaporene) stimulates the formation of Aquaporine channels, improving deep hydration, cell vitality and the elasticity of the skin as a whole.

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