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about histomer

Scientific research, passion and unique experience. Our history.

Histomer, valetudo’s brand specifically dedicated to the health and beauty of your skin
We are a company leader in the dermatological research.
We have been studying skin for more than 35 years, always looking for the best solutions to skin blemishes/problems.
Our founder, Dr. Vittorino Bortolin, is one of the most famous Italian cosmetologist, researcher  of botanical pharmacology and creator of numerous cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
The botanical vocation of Dr. Bortolin together with our long and importance experience,
acquired by our Valetudo company in the dermatological field, represents the strong base of our Histomer brand.

Stem cells of botanical origin

The great Histomer innovation in the aesthetic field
Histomer was the first cosmetic brand all over the world in studying any possible application of botanical stem cells in the dermo-aesthetic field. Already during the last decades of past century in cooperation with Histo-lab laboratories in Geneve, Histomer was able  to produce the first cosmetic products based on botanical stem cells supported by specific protocols for the treatment of the most common skin blemishes. From that time Histomer has been following this direction, giving to the most prestigious Italian and International beauty salons hundreds of products based on regenerating and revitalizing stem cells of botanical origin.

Scientific research and cosmetic innovation

Our formulations
At Histomer the scientific research on botanical stem cells and the dermatological experience are perfectly melt in order to create extraordinary products, dedicated to the health and beauty of your skin. Thanks to the regenerating properties of specific botanical stem cells and to the extremely high attention paid to sensitive skin, Histomer represents today the ideal partner to successfully manage all skin blemishes, even the most problematic ones.

Histomer method/philosophy/technique

Histomer method/philosophy/technique defines a precise group of cosmetic
treatments and formulations that had revolutioned the traditional cosmetology
thanks to their unique capacity of repairing, reconstructing and regenerating the damaged skin tissues.


Certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (environmental protection) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices),
our Company Histomer – Valetudo developes, patents, produces and distributes cosmetic products all over the world.

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